PY5310: Approaches to Psychotherapy

Contemporary psychology and many contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches express the perception of human beings as cut off and isolated, not only from nature and from other individuals, but more significantly from activities of cosmic purpose.

Non-scientific sources of psychotherapeutic approaches.

Body process: A gestalt approach to working with the body in psychotherapy.
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A Common Factors Approach to Psychotherapy Training

He became more committed to his religious tradition and began to participate in a study group to explore the dimensions of spiritual life.CONCLUDING COMMENTSIt is possible that techniques and approaches indicated in this paper will be increasingly incorporated into psychotherapeutic practice during the coming years.

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Another question about the integration of such approaches and techniques into psychotherapy is to what extent the integration could occur on the level of technique, alone, and leave the underlying view of the model of personality and of psychopathology unaffected.

Jill Oliveira-Berry demonstrating sixteen skills drawn from psychodynamic and interpersonal approaches to psychotherapy.
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Person Centered Therapy – also known as the humanistic approach to counselling; meaning the person or client is at the centre of the therapy and that the experiences of the client are met with a non-judgmental approach by the therapist....

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Methods are generally defined as the instructional decisions, approaches, procedures, or routines that expert teachers use to accelerate or enhance learning. Expert teachers apply evidence-based methods and differentiate those methods according to the goal of instruction. UDL curricula facilitate further differentiation of methods, based on learner variability in the context of the task, learner’s social/emotional resources, and the classroom climate. Flexible and varied, UDL methods are adjusted based on continual monitoring of learner progress.

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Integration of these techniques occurs along a continuum ranging from a therapeutic approach virtually indistinguishable from the conventional (although affected by insights from spiritual healing traditions) to approaches consisting in large part of techniques derived from spiritual healing traditions.

Narrative approaches to psychotherapy are represented in the ..

For my research two psychological approaches, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology, will be critically analyzed and discussed in depth in order to compare the techniques as well as effectiveness of each....

1 To some, this basic skill is endangered

The teacher took a multi-modal approach to the lesson on magnetism. He began the lesson with a video and then designed an activity where students could touch and interact with real magnets.

Understanding Complex Trauma, Complex Reactions, …

The effect of techniques with origins in spiritual traditions might be explained by concepts derived from more conventional psychotherapeutic approaches.