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It would seem that, even if certain changes in the social context take place (women given more power and status,...), it will still take a while before this effect is felt in the way men and women use discourse. If the women in Preisler's study still used a high frequency of hedges as opposed the O'Barr's female expert witnesses, this could be explained by the fact that those expert witnesses have been in that state of empowerment longer than Preisler's women. Things do not change overnight, when it comes to sociolinguistic matters.

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As mentioned previously, stereotypes can be used to explain social events
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Throughout the scholarly history of examining stereotypes portrayed in popular media, scientists have wondered what the relationship is between media and society.

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Recent studies have proposed new, non-genderbased explanations for the stereotypical differences I discussed in chapter two. Where the tradtional explanations took "gender" to be the basis for their explanations, these studies provide evidence that gender has often nothing to do with why people speak the way they speak. Other psychological, social and contextual factors (cf. the three characteristics of language as described above) play a large role in the way people interact.

In the short story Woman Hollering Creek Cleofilas loves her husband, but doesn't like she has to follow the stereotypes of woman.
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This brings us to the second principle : inertia. In Nature, things like to stay as they are. Once such a mental frame of reference or stereotype has been formed, it becomes authoritative and will be difficult to abandon. Rather than change the stereotype, the established state of affairs, the natural reflex is to qualify the observation that does not fit into this state of affairs as less authoritative and peripheral.

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So, once we have acquired certain stereotypes as children (or even later), it will be hard to put them aside, even when faced with new information that contradicts these stereotypes. It is only when the amount of new information becomes so great, that the stereotype will change. In chapter three, I will examine some of the ways femininists and others have been trying to alter the stereotypes in our society..

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So, while gay men continue at an unusual level of promiscuity, with or without "safe sex," both lesbians and most heterosexual women have reverted to something rather like the gender stereotype.

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Here I’ll give you a little background on the presence of gender stereotypes’ prominence in the advertising world and then share some new research on the role that culture plays in the process.

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Rather than try to defend my fellow men against this, in my opinion, unfounded allegation, I would like to point out that stereotypes are cognitive realities : they are part of the way our (men's and women's) brains work. Human beings are still subjected to certain principles we usually associate with physics, biology and chemistry. Because the human organism is still part of Nature as a whole, certain principles still apply.