A map that shows you the way from start to finish.

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To Immigrate or Not to Immigrate- A Canada Immigrant's …

Would you think it likely that an immigrant would succeed just because they have a legal visa?

6 reasons not to immigrate to Canada - The Canadian Bazaar

Smith is highly critical of this plan as he sees it as a violation of sovereignty and a huge blow to the already “weak American labor force.” As for myself, I see some benefits in the sense that it will provide many with the opportunity to work and pursue a decent life. I rather see illegal immigrants working than not, at least that way they can contribute to the growth of the economy and support themselves and their families simultaneously.

Emigrate means to leave one's country to live in another

Remember that it is written by migrants for migrants so that you feel confident to take the next step, every step of the way.Feel free to visit the "Testimonials page" later to see what other people like you have had to say about .

A map that lets you know where there is danger as well as opportunity.

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Complicated issues are broken down and explained in such a clear and concise manner, that even a child can understand them - so there's no misunderstanding crucial details.

Immigrate as a skilled worker through Express Entry

The purpose of this book is to share my experience. Even more importantly it is my aim to get you asking the right questions. It provides up to date, first hand information wherever possible, but I would urge you to check out current statistics.

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- employment factors: low unemployment rate (under 6%), high job turnover rate creating opportunities, typical work week of 35 hours, generous leave, statutory maternity and paternity benefits, 12 public holidays and good salaries.

At best they can only help with a visa, but after that you're on your own.

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(6) If you have blood relative living for more then one year in the province of Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, you can apply under respective province's family skilled worker class.

Nobody will give you a place to live because you don't have a job or bank account.

Immigrate to Canada from South Africa - how to do it

This is true for the early phase of immigration, but it's what happens once you've cleared immigration control that matters most to you in the long run.

Nobody will give you a bank account because you don't have a place to live or a job.

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It is written by someone who has ‘been there’ and appreciates the problems and knows the pitfalls. Someone who has laughed and cried and survived and lives to tell the tale. I hope that by sharing my experiences you might have an easier path.