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Tough Guise systematically examines the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

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I liked this podcast and completely agree that many problems could be solved if we could more often admit when we don't know. However, many times the opposite problem is also too relevant, in which "I don't know" has become an accepted way of stating that one would like to think no further, uttered under the guise of responsibly admitting one's own ignorance.

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Under the guise of performing a required medical examination, Ms Gloria has now stripped Robert Hughes stark naked. And the horny young lad has just sprung a massive erection right in front of her face! The formerly cocky boy is suddenly mortified embarrassed in front of the stern woman and is terrified of what will happen now.

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Tough Guise Reaction Paper Essay ;

Tough Guise systematically examines the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

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? Have a clearer understanding of how masculinity is created through images that boys and
men see in their families, communities, and in the predominant influence of the media.
? Recognize problems with how masculinity is socially constructed and how it can be
harmful to boys and men themselves, and how it affects girls and women.
? See new ways of constructing masculinity that can be helpful to boys and men that allow
them to be vulnerable and for that vulnerability to be socially acceptable.
RATIONALE: We live in a patriarchal society therefore masculinity has more privilege,
power, and social/cultural value than femininity. While masculinity and men are more
privileged than other minorities, that does not mean that men are not faced with specific
challenges that can restrict aspects of their lives. Masculinity and femininity are socially
constructed. This means that we as a cultural create what it means to be masculine or feminine.
The film, Tough Guise, is an in-depth exploration of how men and boys learn how to be
masculine through the media (TV, news, etc.). We, as gender communication knowledge
seekers, need to be aware of how masculinity is shaped in our culture and look at how the images
that are consumed by all people affect our views of masculinity. Gender is a complicated beast,
and this film deconstructs masculinity so that we can see its impact of the cultural expectations
that boys and men are ?supposed? to enact to ?fit in? to the gendered expectations of our society.
TIME FOR ACTIVITY: The film is about 85 minutes long. Additionally, you should spend
enough time on the assignment to make it clear, organized, sensible, and follow the format
discussed below.
RESOURCES NEEDED: You will need streaming internet to watch the film and a computer
to type your assignment. The link is on D2L and below. NOTE: There is an advertisement on
the right side of the screen that will interrupt your viewing with its audio. Just click on the top
right of that video where it has the volume icon and an ?x.? I had to do this several times but this
is the only current link to the video. I apologize for the inconvenience but the video is well
worth it.
ACTIVITY: For this assignment, you should watch the video ?Tough Guise? (the link is on
D2L and below). Please note this film was made in 2002 so the media examples that Jackson
Katz gives are dated. However, I think you will easily be able to think of more recent examples
of all of the phenomena that he discusses. Also, the statistics that he states have not changed
much at all over the past 10 years, even though we would like to think they have. After watching
this video, you should answer the following questions with at least one paragraph (4-5 full
sentences) for each question:
? What is your initial reaction to the video? Give specific examples from the video that
affected your reaction.
? How do you think the media has affected your views of masculinity? If you are a man,
how have these images affected how you were taught to be masculine and how you enact
gender today? Please give examples and references to the video. If you are a woman,
how have these images affected the boys/men around you and what masculinity means to
you? Please give examples and references to the video.
? What was your reaction to the amount of violence discussed in the video? How did
Katz?s discussion of violence influence your understanding of this aspect of masculinity?
? We often hear about Barbie being an unrealistic image for little girls (her proportions, if
she were a real person, are so unrealistic that she could not survive/live in her current
body). Katz mentions that action figures for boys are now being created as unrealistic
images of masculinity for little boys. Have you thought about that before? How can this
affect boys??
FORMAT OF PAPER: Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, written using 1 inch margins
all around, 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and a title and your name at the top
of the page and NOTHING else. You should answer each question in a separate paragraph and
each paragraph should have a heading that lets me know which question you are answering. DO
TONS OF SPACE AND POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED. For example, you can use ?Video
Reaction? as the header for the first question. If I have to guess which question you are
answering, or you answer them all together without differentiating your answers, many points
will be deducted, if you get any at all. I require your papers to be organized, easy to follow, with
no spelling or grammatical mistakes. This means you should PROOFREAD for mistakes ahead
of time. I believe strongly in good visual presentation of your work so if I am not impressed
with your organization, you will not be impressed with your grade.
APPRAISAL: This assignment will allow you to explore masculinity through a critical lens by
answering specific questions related to the material presented in the video. People often think
they are not affected by the media when, in fact, we are all affected by the media. Images of
masculinity are created to keep men in a box that limits the acceptability of men to be vulnerable.
Therefore, men have to wear a guise, or mask, that shows other they are tough. Knowing how
the media creates images of masculinity that restrict boys and men allow all people to be critical
of the portrayals of masculinity that we are exposed to daily. Therefore, we can begin to have
less narrow expectations of men that allow them to be vulnerable and not be criticized for it.
OTHER CONSIDERATION: Note: The examples used in this film are dated but the
information is still valid and the statistics have remained almost exactly the same over the past
several years. While this film focuses on men/boys and the construction of masculinity, it is
important to recognize how valuable this film is for all people. Therefore, if you identify with
more feminine expressions of gender, you may think this film does not relate to you. However,
it does relate to you because we have to have femininity to have masculinity and we interact with
people of varying forms of gender expression and need to know the roots of where their actions
come from. Also, many of you will be, or are, parents. Knowing how masculinity, and the
?tough guise,? are created may help you parent your children in a way that will allow them to be
more vulnerable and sensitive to others.

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For example- you could find a tv show, character or film that embodies the "tough guise." Describe your pop culture source and specifically what you are drawing from in the video.