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Within commodity culture, ethnicity becomes a spice, seasoning that can liven up the dull dish that is mainstream white culture” (21)
Encounters with Otherness are clearly marked as more exciting, more intense, and more threatening (26)
I-Thou, I-It, and Gender
In its challenge to rational positivism, humanistic geography questions the very possibility that people's relationships with place and space can be understood without grasping their feelings, emotions, values and intentions (11)
Objectification of Women
Crossing Boundaries: I-Thou
For an "immortal moment" subject and object let themselves fun free of the conditioning social structure and transcend the realm of point of view to confirm and become aware of each other (Hasson 13)

The humanist geographer, who is engaged in the scientific work of revealing the "true meaning" of the relationship between the participants' experience and their place, cannot remain estranged to the demand and needs of the latter (Hasson 16)

One does not transgress boundaries to stay the same (hooks 37)

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No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides
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Another view is presented and immediatelyt so many latch on to it. Truth? No such thing. Everything that an incarnated human sees and chooses to believe is in the eye of the beholder. We all exist in a world of our own choice generated by our own perceptions which have been programmed by input from peers and axe-grinding education systems. Let me personally assure you that YOU are immortal. Your visit to this planet is a temporary one which will be repeated until you wake up to that fact and realise this is a holiday which you are meant to enjoy. While you are here you can fabricate any story and choose any personal truth you want to; because the permanent state called NOW appears to move here, and all your human life is only a fictitious memory. There is nothing to be gained by avoiding love, or generating fear or anger. Stop. Accept and enjoy, or do something about it. For a start take time to discover who you really are. And remember most Masters are humans who have found the answer, but can only tell it to a mob which is largely uneducated (in the true sense) and living under repression. For example the shared Divine vibrating essense which gives rise to all that is could only be described as ‘Our Father’.

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Yes, this is a tricky subject. The duality that I am endeavoring to expose and transcend is dark vs (false) light. I am still in a male body, though. 🙂

It is interesting that this comments thread does not contain any dissenters. Have they all been edited out or are you that popular CD?
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Cameron – I am finding more and more who are relearning what you have presented here. I have been drawn to this direction for many years and have shared it with all who chose to hear. I continue this journey to this day. I am working on a manuscript (many years in the making) and would like to share it with you. My goal is to not necessarily publish it, but have dedicated it to my grandchildren in hopes it will benefit their journeys. It is uncanny how similar what I have written is to what you have shared here. If you would like to converse further please feel free to contact me directly at the email address provided. I would be very pleased to compare notes.

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Though even Star Wars showed us that victory comes with transcending the demiurgic hologram, didn’t it? Remember that Jedi training scene where Luke thinks he’s battling Darth Vader but when he removes Darth’s mask after “defeating” him, it is he himself behind the mask.