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The nation did not suddenly become liberal in 2008 or conservative in 2016. Rather, in both years it rejected blasé centrism — first trying out a left-wing deviation from establishmentarianism, then in frustration turning to a right-wing antidote to both the failed medicine and the original diseased status quo.

Globalism, Nationalism, Tribalism: Bringing Theory Back In

Above we discussed the WWII ideologies in general, below we look at their WWII forms specifically.

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The turmoil now consuming much of the Middle East stems less from democratic movements trying to topple dictatorships than from ancient tribal conflicts between the two major denominations of Isam – Sunni and Shia.

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The nation state, meanwhile, is coming apart. A single Europe – which seemed within reach a few years ago – is now succumbing to the centrifugal forces of its different languages and cultures. The Soviet Union is gone, replaced by nations split along tribal lines. Vladimir Putin can’t easily annex the whole of Ukraine, only the Russian-speaking part. The Balkans have been Balkanized.

The “funny, not-funny” part is that this can be confirmed by Hitler and Mussolini’s major works.

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Nations are becoming less relevant in a world where everyone and everything is interconnected. The connections that matter most are again becoming more personal. Religious beliefs and affiliations, the nuances of one’s own language and culture, the daily realities of class, and the extensions of one’s family and its values – all are providing people with ever greater senses of identity.

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TIP: Both Communism and Fascism can be said to be . Both are reminiscent of (a military state, with a planned economy, focused on specific ““, mixed with aspects of collectivist equality for the in-group).

Tribes were united by language, ..

And what about America? The world’s “melting pot” is changing color. Between the 2000 and 2010 census the share of the U.S. population calling itself white from 69 to 64 percent, and more than half of the nation’s population growth came from Hispanics.

Tribalism is the state of being organized in or an advocate for a tribe or tribes

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Among Obama’s signature foreign policies were “lead from behind” in Libya; quietude during the Iranian anti-theocratic protests; strategic patience with North Korea; the multifaceted and often clandestine efforts to swing the Iran deal; the Russian “reset”; realignment away from Israel, Egypt, and the Gulf monarchies; and rapprochement with Cuba, Venezuela, and the South American Communist and socialist states.

I've seen some people claim they are "Tribalists" while also claiming to be nationalists

Globalism, Nationalism, Tribalism: Bringing Theory Back …

Below we explore more differences and similarities between Communism, Fascism, and Socialism in various forms to show the general difference between Communism and Fascism.

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That state control of both has historically led to despotism and tyranny in practice, which makes the two appear even more similar than they actually are, but here one must realize that (just consider ), and not all those forms have the same effect (for example, is pretty far from a in terms of its stance on authority and liberty, both in on-paper ideology and effect).