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In an April 1941 press conference, Roosevelt revealed that he believed Lindbergh was a “Copperhead”, a term used to describe Northerners during the Civil War who believed the Confederacy could not be beaten and that the Union should broker a peace deal.

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became involved in WWII, most of Europe was engulfed and occupied by Nazi German troops.
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The U.S.'s hand-picked dictator, Carlos Castillo Armas, outlaws political parties, reduces the franchise, and establishes the death penalty for strikers, as well as undoing Arbenz's land reform.

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would be faced with the dilemma of either attacking the convoys and dashing with the United States Navy or holding off, thus "giving us victory in the Battle of the Atlantic. It might suit us in six or eight weeks to provoke by taunting him with this difficult choice."

involvement in this conflict as an elite unit modeled after the British Commandos.
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Japan, as a relatively small island, and with no oil industry to speak of, had to look elsewhere for its oil, and this was the reason for the proposed embargo. It was thought that this action would provoke Japan into an incident. Ex-President Herbert Hoover also saw the manipulations leading to war and he warned the United States in August, 1941: "The American people should insistently demand that Congress put a stop to step-by-step projection of the United States into undeclared war... ."

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The next step was to assist other countries, the English and the Dutch, to embargo oil shipments to Japan in an attempt to force them into an incident that would enable the United States to enter the war.

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During the October trip to Germany Lindbergh and Anne searched for a house in Berlin because they thought a stay in Germany would “be interesting from many standpoints”.

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The payment of Allied war debt and German reparations were the subjects of lengthy negotiations throughout the l920s and early 1930s. The Dawes Plan (1924) and the Young Plan (1929) ameliorated crises for awhile, but reparations and war debts of Allies were repaid in the end, only to the extent of U.S. loans to these countries, except for Finland, which paid in full.

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The steel coneinside the warhead was changed to copper which improved penetration performance from about 3 up to 4 inches of homogenous armor plate.
(Under ideal circumstances.)

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After witnessing and the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, Americans began to be more critical of Lindbergh and some journalists began to criticize his choice to not return his Nazi medal.