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A number of records have been circulating since late 2005 claiming to be represses of older B12 releases

We have not repressed any of the older releases. These records are illegal bootlegs, and not mastered from the original plates - they are most likely ripped from CD or mp3, or even recorded from the old vinyl onto CDR.

You can check if the vinyl you have is genuine - all B12 releases have messages etched into the run-out grooves. Also, the bootlegs often have a poor quality label print and tinny/trebley sound.

There are still some shops shamelessly still buying and selling these, claiming that 'we thought they were real' even though they came from a dodgy bloke who turned up in the shop, rather than from our distributors , and also ebay sellers claiming to have the originals - so CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!

If you see any shops selling what they claim to be old stock or 'repressings' - please let us know!!!

We will be making the old material available again - the back catalogue has been completely re-mastered, and will be released on a 12 disc CD box set later this year, with bonus remixes and unreleased tracks. So if you're looking for old B12 - please be patient and get the genuine article!

Remember - the Truth is in the Run-out Grooves

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I have CD ROMS from my first PC that are 20+ years old and still work just fine.

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CD1 Collects the legendary “15th” EP from the duo Mike Golding and Steve Rutter under the guise of Redcell. It was after this EP, which was never officially released, that B12 disappeared from the face of Techno for almost a decade. When they fnally returned this EP was finally released on vinyl but collected here in its previously unheard un-edited and remastered version. This EP is accompanied by the amazing soundscape “Seedoiz” which was has not been released before.

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Volume five of this time travelling epic series showcases B12’s (Mike Golding and Steve Ruter) pseudonym Redcell and introduces the first B12 releases from Stasis (Steve Pickton). The double CD set collects two original vinyl EP’s and a limited edition, and rare, CD from 1993, the same year as B12 epic Warp album Electro Soma.

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Some 12 years since the classic "Time Tourist" album (Warp), the rightful follow-up to B12�s critically acclaimed and landmark first LP "Electro Soma" (also on Warp) the recently re-launched B12 are back as both label and seminal electronic act. The duo, Mike Golding and Steve Rutter release their first CD album consisting of new unheard material, tracks only ever heard at their live gigs and music only previously available on limited edition vinyl. �Last Days of Silence� sees the pair return in superb form with an album that rightly joins their first two highly rated electronic classics.

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CD1 Collects the Redcell explorations of Mike Golding and Steve Rutter from 1993 which were only previously released on limited edition vinyl, B1208 and extremely hard to find limited CD release B12CD1. These tracks were extensions of the seminal album Electro Soma, released in the same year, they seamlessly intermingle to create a perfect futuristic soundtrack leaving the listener in no doubt that pure Techno music can be creative, powerful, emotional and danceable at the same time.

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