Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery - Colombia

In November 2008 she and her family carefully examined the work contract before she decided to accept a job as a domestic in the home of a wealthy Colombian family in the United States.

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery - Colombia…

The Colombian economy has also benefited from the illicit drug trade; however violent it may be.

Mapping The Violence in Colombia Essay -- War, …

During the 1970s, Colombia became well known, as one of the world’s most important drug processing, production, and distribution centers for marijuana and cocaine....

Mapping The Violence in Colombia ..

Violence and sacrifice are two concepts constantly seen in Colombian social imagery; the guerrillas, the paramilitary and political parties propose that it is necessary to sacrifice in order to achieve social goals.

Violence has become so widespread and common in Colombia that many people have now become numb to it.

Cowering From Colombia’s Violence

Violent crime and modernization in Colombia

Modern society — industrial civilization — is built on violence