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Those who are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would easily tell you to look at the ‘Meridian Clock’. Essentially, each time during the day is associated with a different organ system. For example, if you wake between 1am-3am, this time is associated with the Liver. This is not necessarily telling you that there is something wrong with your physical organ, but there is an energetic imbalance which is rooted in that organ.

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Just because some attention-starved, self-described attachment parents are comfortable inviting public judgment into their lives by way of this show, doesn’t mean others who happen to share in the practice it spotlights should be subjected to that same brand of judgment.

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Have you noticed that you are waking up at the same time every night? Whether the time is 2am, 4:30am, or 6am, a pattern seems to form and your body starts waking at this time on a nightly basis. I have had numerous patients with this same concern, and because of this I felt compelled to share this blog post! Many think that there is something physically “wrong”, because you aren’t drinking late at night, you are avoiding caffeine and sugar, you have a relaxing bedtime routine, and you sleep in a dark room. Well, the problem here is not so much a health concern, but it is actually more of an energetic one.

The Waking Night have been diligently crafting a sound that has been tacking between saturated alternative-rock and blues-rock chaos.
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