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Martin's Church in Caerphilly. She wore a powder blue silk and wool crepe two-piece outfit which has a real 1940s look to it. Two weeks before she died unexpectedly in the 1980s, I recall they both came to my birthday party. They talked about how happy their marriage had been and how they had never had a cross word. Looking back it is wonderful to recall their commitment to each other for 40 years and their obvious recognition that they had a happy marriage. Jim celebrated his 90th birthday in 2007. After the wedding ceremony, a wedding breakfast was held in the front room and the photo above was taken outside the house. Lorraine who is in the pastel dress far left, also has her wedding photo on site in the original . Pat, Lorraine's daughter, the little girl to the left, has her You can read much more about clothes' rationing and on the
See more . My sincere thanks to Norman Dunn for the top wartime photograph. You can see more old photos at Thanks also to Joan Gillard who has sent me several great wedding photos. This page added 20 September 2006.

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I make a big deal of the tax hikes of the 1930s — first the Smoot Hawley Tariff, and then the Hoover tax hike of 1932 — mostly because they are largely ignored by economists who would rather believe that it was all a mysterious aftereffect of a decline in stock prices. Stocks go down, and everyone loses their “animal spirits,” and poof! — ten years of tragedy leading to a World War. You would think that people would find that a little simplistic. (On the other hand, I think economists like it because it places no blame on the government. Economists know on which side their bread is buttered.) Also, it was not just U.S. policy, but very similar policy around the world. Virtually all countries had tariff hikes of a similar scale as the Smoot Hawley Tariff (60% tariff on just about everything), and also many countries had domestic tax hikes on the scale of the 1932 Hoover hike. In fact, Hoover was imitating policies in Britain and Germany, who were really the first with the big domestic tax hikes.

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You will find many similarities in fashion between the late 1930s and the early 1940s, as fashion was not necessarily a top priority during the war years. The silhouette was generally the same in the early forties, though emphasis on a strong shoulder became more prevalent. Shoulder pads were very common in garments from suits to dresses and blouses. The “look” of the early forties tended to be very military-inspired, as it was a direct reflection of the world events at that time.

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During the Second World War Paris produced restrained clothing to match the economic atmosphere

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