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A lot of foreign researches exist on white collar crime however; a very significant work by ‘Geis & Meier’ has been included in foreign literature review because of its holistic and historical importance and relevance to the present research topic. This book titled ‘White-Collar Crimes: Classic and Contemporary View’ is considered to be an inescapable necessity to conceptualize and contextualize white-collar crimes. It is a collection of some of the first major contributions made by scholars of white-collar crimes. The significance of their work remains in the field although their work and ideas have been extended and amplified by later scholars. However, the collection of articles included in said book cannot be ignored simply because these were among the first attempts made to explore the new academic area of white-collar crimes.

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I: Keynote Speaker at the International Workshop on Finance, Harm, and White Collar Crime, 15 Oct.

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Part II of the book focuses on corporate and professional white-collar crime . The first article of this part explores antitrust cases of 1961 in General Electrical Corporation (Geis, 1967). This study placed emphasis on more research work and finds that antitrust cases discussed are only one of a number of other instances. The second article of this part titled ‘fire in hamlet: a case study of state-corporate crime’ presents a review of fire in September 1993 at the imperial food products chicken processing plant in hamlet , North Carolina. It is an analytical presentation of white-collar criminality among corporate bodies, federal and local government officials whose commissions, omissions and negligence and cost cutting in implementation of occupational and safety hazards regulations. The third article by Mintz (1985) included in this part is titled ‘Corporate Greed, women and the Dalkon shield’. It presents an analysis of misdeed for profit of a company selling intrauterine device for birth control that was promoted as most safe device whereas it was dangerous for use. The study highlights that few men with little on their minds accept the pursuits of megabucks, made decisions, in the interest of profit, that exposed millions of women to serious infections, sterility and even deaths.

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There are three more articles explaining deviance in corporate world dealing with savings and loan scandal, insider trading, medic aid fraud and professional deviance among lawyers. Part III of the book consists of four articles and mainly deals with sentencing and enforcement covering case studies from American deviant corporate entities. Part IV consists of 6 articles that deal with conceptualizing white-collar crimes with main perspective of etiological and theoretical aspects of white-collar criminality. Later these articles proved landmark efforts in understanding causes of white-collar criminality. The first article by James William Coleman in this part explains the theory of motivation and opportunity, the second article by Travis Hirshi and Michael Gottfredson deals with causes of white-collar crime and presents a general theory of crime. The third article of this series has been written by Darrell J. Steffensmeier and it presents a critical review of general theory of crime. The fourth article of the series has been written by Donald.R. Cressey and deals with poverty of theory in corporate crime research. The fifth article of the series has been written by john Braithwaite and Brent Fisse and deals with plausibility of corporate crime control. The seventh and closing article has been written by Gilbert Geis and it presents a critical and scholarly review of theoretical frame work presented by Cressey and Braithwaite.

White collar crimes are particularly hard to track, and technology today is making it even harder.
Even though no physical harm is being conducted, white collar crimes cause financial detriment.

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Corporate Crime, also known as white-collar crime, is a crime committed while employed with a corporation.

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