I agree with Kev. If she wanted to work, she would. Period.

Side note. She loves they guy because he’s so loving, calm and respectful. Her and I had a disagreement on a free weekend, so rather then talk about it (I’ve never met this guy) he picks up the phone and calls me at work to chew me out for wrecking his weekend…….Can you say brass ones? I believe this ape actually thought HE could somehow make ME do what he wants……..Can anyone else hear warning bells?

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I am curious, does your husband want you to work? Did you agree together that you would stay home?

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I can really relate to this article, except in my situation it’s my husband who refuses to work. He got laid off 3 years ago and in 3 years he has maybe applied for 10 jobs. He thinks reading through online listings alone constitutes looking for a job. Meanwhile I work 2 jobs and up until 6 mos ago I worked 8-11 hrs a day 6 days a week. Meanwhile I had to pay someone to clean the house once a month. Our kids routinely run out of clean clothes despite having enough clothes for 2-3 weeks. Dirty dishes usually sit for days. And because I had to do weeks of heavy yardwork because he neglected it for 3 years, I now have carpal tunnel bad enough that I need surgery. It would be one thing if I made enough to pay all the bills, but I don’t even make enough to pay the mortgage. Then he cops an attitude when I tell him to apply for retail jobs. I would have left a long time ago if it weren’t for the kids.

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Thank you. so much. Recently married. Before we got married she had strong feelings of needing to work now that we are married she feels that since I make enough to skim by that she doesn’t want to. She uses her two year old from a previous relationship saying “I want to raise my child” (meaning daycares are the reason she feels uncomfortable) but the fact that her mom, her sister in law and my step mom don’t need to work cause there husbands make enough, it allows for her to view the world in terms of she has a right not to work. I am madly in love with this woman however I do not know how to calmly explain that in order for her to get som of the things she wants she really needs to consider at least a part time job. She has mentioned that she would be willing to watch two or three kids as a baby sitting kind of thing, but people here are law suite happy and will may sue the second there child falls down or anything.

She has also said once she has finished her second lot of maternity she doesn’t want to go back to work at all.
This has gotten long and rambling, due to the hour. But seriously. If your wife truly wanted to work, she’d be working.

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I also have to do her resume, and cover letter, and email them a lot because she says she doesn’t know how to. I do feel like I have 2 teenagers living in my house, her, and our teenage son, whom by the way, is old enough to stay at home by himself after school. That was a reason for her to stay home and not work because we wanted her to be there for our kid when he got home from school, but now he can take care of himself, that excuse goes out the window.

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I love my wife deeply and do not want to divorce. In fact, from what I’m reading, divorce may end up costing me more stress and money in the end. For me, I think the best course is to simply accept my fate as a work horse. If I open myself up to ranting, I really won’t be adding much to this thread as I’ll simply be echoing what many other men have faced, screaming into the void. I am certain now that nothing will change my wife’s perspective. For whatever reason, she simply will not find work in earnest. All of the typical excuses apply here. Even faced with a now unavoidable bankruptcy, she still fills her time with non-revenue-generating activities that are aimed at keeping her position in our community and possibly to her credit, keeping her sanity. Getting a job and helping with our financial future is not in the cards – if I don’t make it happen, it will not happen – period. This is an argument that has been had repeatedly for well over a decade.

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For my own sanity and survival, I am putting my head down and focusing on working even harder to make ends meet for our family. The alternative is simply more arguing, more strife and definitely less sex (sadly, her only leverage over me). I wish this weren’t the case, but as you get older you begin to realize that you are not that bigger than statistics – which in this case simply prove that once a spouse has become accustomed to not working, the likelihood of them re-entering the work force is slim to none. In our case, it is indeed an entitlement issue that is multi-generational and unlikely to change during my lifetime.