Why is the Bill of Rights so important

Arising from two important U.S. Supreme Court cases, Garrity v. New Jersey and Gardner v. Broderick, the police officers' bill of rights, as advocated by the Fraternal Order of Police, provides basic guidelines that serve to ensure fairness and to make sure that, during the course of an administrative investigation, officers' basic constitutional rights are protected. Both court cases involved allegations of misconduct by officers and were decided within a year and a half of each other.

Why is the bill of rights important

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution

Why is the Bill of Rights so important?

The law enforcement officers' bill of rights is not a constitutional amendment. Instead, it exists in various forms throughout the U.S. In some states, it has been codified into laws pertaining to public employees. In others, it has been incorporated into individual law enforcement agency policies regarding . Still, in others, it has been included in collective bargaining contracts. In all cases, police officers' bill of rights serves to help law enforcement agencies police themselves fairly and ethically.

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These decisions laid the foundation for what would develop into the police officers' bill of rights. The bill of rights identifies the importance of distinguishing between administrative and criminal investigations, as well as recognizing the unique position law enforcement officers are in, even when under investigation.

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